Be On The Lookout

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Dec 302015

Buying a car is like making an addition to the family. A car can be with you for years, and lots of memories can be made inside of it. However, when you decide to buy, several factors come into play before you walk off the lot.


Before you go looking for your closest car dealership, at least know what type of car you’re looking for. One of the most obvious differences when car shopping is considering whether you want a new or used car, since each come with its own strengths and weaknesses. A used car can be cheaper, but may carry some liabilities. You can ensure that your maximize your purchase by ensuring any used car you buy has a good history.

Whether you’re buying new or used, make sure you go in knowing exactly how much you’re willing to spend at maximum. It can be easy to go crazy with your money if you don’t set a firm limit for yourself. The type of flashy amenities and add-ons you choose for you car can quickly accelerate the price. However, you’ll want to make sure that regardless of what type of car you buy, that it’s safety features have been checked and are completely operational.

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Winter Driving

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Dec 302015

Winter is here, and for much of the country that means snow and ice. As anyone who has ever experienced that kind of severe weather knows, driving in it can be treacherous and requires great care and skill. To prepare for it, first make sure your car is in top operating condition. Take it to Wilson Toyota Scion for a tune-up. You may also want to put snow tires on if your area tends to be hit hard with snow. Otherwise make sure you have a sturdy set of chains in your trunk at all times.


It’s also important to keep an eye on the forecast. If a winter storm warning or advisory is issued, pay attention! If conditions deteriorate to the point that officials ask people to stay off the roads, do so, and if conditions warrant a driving ban, obey it. These things are put in place for a reason. If you are on the road during snowy or icy weather, slow down. Snow covered or icy roads are not suitable for going the speed limit on. Slow it down and keep plenty of room between you and the vehicles in front of you. Keep your eyes on the road at all times. It should go without saying to never ever text or use your phone while driving, no matter what the conditions.

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2016 Corvette Stingray

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Dec 302015

There are some really amazing cars and trucks for sale this year, especially from Chevy, but one really caught my eye. The sleek new 2016 Corvette Stingray z51 is a real piece of work. It looks like a monster, dark and low, with a growl that is unmistakable. That is real beauty there, and you get it with what could only be called great gas mileage and power to burn.


How can you not love a ‘vette? It has always been American engineering at it’s best, and this model is no different. But it is far from the only Chevy out there. There are a ton of great new cars for sale in old bridge NJ, where I live. Since I’m in love with these new Vettes, I thought I’d write more about them.

From really comfortable bucket seats to some of the most beautiful design packages known to man, the view from the driver’s seat is absolutely amazing. On top of that, with 460 horses at 6000 rpm, this thing is a beast that’ll do the quarter mile in under 12 seconds and goes 0-60 in just 3.8 seconds. And it may be one of the nimblest cars Chevy has produced. If you haven’t checked one out yet, head out and test drive one today.

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How to Get the Best Car Financing

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Dec 302015


If you are shopping for a car, you should be shopping for the best financing too. Here’s how:

  • If your credit is average or below average, you should get financing quotes before you go to the dealership. Generally, a person with average credit will get the best deal from a local bank or credit union. If you walk into the dealership with a good financing situation, you may be able to get the dealership to even try to beat it when you finance a car Minneapolis MN.
  • Keep the term short. It is tempting to drop the payment by paying for 5-6 years, but you will pay much more in interest. Try to do 2 or 3 years if you can.
  • Put down 20%. If you put down this much money, you can ensure that you will never owe more than the car is worth. If you have good credit, you may not need to put down anything, but if you need to get rid of your car, you could have problems unloading it.
  • Pay for taxes and fees with cash. If you roll these costs into your loan, you are going to be upside down on the car.

Remember these tips so that you can save yourself a bundle in the long term.

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Choosing the Right Car For You

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Dec 292015

Are you having a hard time picking out the right car for you? There is one simple thing you should think about before laying down your hard earned money on a new set of wheels. Know what you want before you go.


Don’t ask the dealer what the best car to get is. He or she is in sales, and the main goal there is to drive sales, not to know what is best for you. You need to handle that. Know what you need, know how much you can reasonably spend, and what you need the car for before you walk in the door of a dealership.

For example, the people at Handy Buick GMC Cadillac (a dealership in my area) can tell you what kind of gas mileage and horsepower the makes and models you ask about have. They can let you know how much it will cost monthly and what style and color choices are available to you, but that should be about as far as that goes.

Now they can advise you about what direction may be best for you, but my advice is to know before you go, don’t depend on other people for direction. You are the one who will have to drive away and live with that vehicle day in, day out for years. You have to live with the consequences of your decision, so know before you go.

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Buying A Used Car

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Dec 292015


If you’re in the market for a new car and your budget is tight, you’re probably looking at pre-owned cars. This isn’t a bad thing. Pre-owned cars are often in like new condition, and offer the same or comparable warranties as new vehicles. The advantages are obvious-price. Unlike many other material items, cars do not usually keep their value and depreciate sharply over time. This means big savings for buyers who don’t mind not having the latest and greatest. If you’re looking, there are some things you should keep in mind.

First, stick to a certified used car dealer whenever possible. Certified used cars undergo rigorous inspections to insure they are in top condition. If your heart is set on a used vehicle that is being offered by a private seller or non-certified dealer, proceed with caution. Always get the car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) and use it to look up its history on a service like CarFax. This will let you know if the vehicle was previously in an accident or was totaled due to a catastrophic event such as a flood. Such cars are often rebuilt but are not safe. If a seller will not give you the VIN, or you spot signs of water damage or welding repairs on the vehicle, move on! Safety first!

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Considering a Used Car Warranty?

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Dec 292015

Then you should remember these simple tips for the best deal and peace of mind:


  • There are many certified pre-owned car warranties out there, but they differ a great deal. You should first look carefully at the deductible. BMW often charges $50, and Lexus does not charge one. But Chrysler and Ford charge at least a $100 deductible per repair. That is something to keep in mind when you are buying your used car and a warranty for it.
  • See if the warranty can be transferred if the car is sold before the warranty expires. Some car makers will let you do this and some will not. Some manufacturers also will charge you to transfer the warranty to another owner.
  • Read all of the fine print. Be certain to understand what used car warranties you are considering cover and what they do not. Also note if roadside assistance is included.
  • Look carefully at the amount of coverage you get and for how long. Some manufacturers, such as Lexus, offer a 3 year warranty for up to 100,000 miles, which is one of the best.

If you remember these simple tips, you will be able to get the best used car warranty for your money.

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How Your Old Clunker Can Make You Money

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Dec 282015


It’s high time you got a new vehicle. While you’ll never forget all the good times you had in your old clunker, there’s no denying that the car is on its last legs. Unfortunately, selling your current vehicle is easier said than done, as most car-buyers aren’t particularly keen on investing in junkers. However, before throwing in the towel and sending your beater to the scrapheap, consider contacting your local salvage yard.

Businesses that specialize in salvaged automotive components frequently cater to people needing to sell used car parts. Some businesses will simply purchase your vehicle for a flat fee, while others will opt to buy individual parts. Either way, you’ll be making money off a car most people would write off as junk. As an added convenience, many businesses of this type will come to your home or place of business to retrieve the vehicle. So even if your clunker is no longer drivable, you’ll be able to find it a new home.

Even if your vehicle looks like it would be perfectly at home in a junkyard, there are still ways it can prove profitable. As you’ll learn after getting in touch with a good salvage yard, no car is worthless.

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Tips for Selling Your Car for Cash

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Dec 282015

If you’re new to the car selling experience, you might not know where to start the process. Sure, you can slap a ‘for sale’ sign onto it, park it in your driveway and hope that someone will contact you; however, this method probably won’t be very effective, especially if you want to sell the car quickly. With a few simple tips, you can sell your vehicle quickly – and get top dollar for it. If you’re looking to sell car for cash in Troy, Michigan, you have come to the right place. Here’s a look at some tips that will help you successfully sell your old car, and make the most money possible from that sale.


  • Price it right. Check to see how much your vehicle is worth and then sell it accordingly. Remember to take into account the condition of the vehicle and the amount of miles that are on it when pricing it. Though the book value may be $10,000, if it has near 200,000 miles on it and it has dents and dings, nobody is going to buy it for that much.
  • Advertise it. There’s nothing wrong with putting a ‘for sale’ sign on your car; however, if you really want to make sure that it is visible, advertise it. Social media and free classified sites are extremely valuable. Make sure you advertise on these sites, and advertise regularly. You’ll be surprised how much more interest there will be in your car when you make use of these outlets.

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Why You Should Sell Your Clunker to an Auto-Salvage Business

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Dec 282015

Getting rid of your old clunker has proven daunting, to say the least. Because of its advanced age, diminished aesthetics and lack of reliability, not many people are keen on purchasing it. However, before taking it down to the junkyard, why not consider the perks of selling the car to a highly-rated auto-salvage business?



Many salvage companies will happily come to your home or place of business to pick up junk cars for sale. Even if the car you wish to sell is un-drivable, they’ll haul it away – after making sure you’re justly compensated, of course. This ensures that you won’t have to lift a finger in order to get a clunker out of your hair.


Compensation methods vary from place to place, but most auto-salvage companies will offer you cash on the spot for your clunker. Although the amount you receive may not be enormous, it will generally be more than fair given the vehicle’s condition.

No matter what shape an ancient clunker is in, chances are you can find an auto-salvage business that’s happy to take it off your hands. So if you have an old vehicle you’re dying to get rid of, don’t hesitate to contact a local salvage company.

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